Unfiltered Perspectives: The 2020 Vision 

The wake of a new decade presents a time for reflection and an opportunity for positive change. It’s a chance to ponder over our contributions to society and re-evaluate our current vision for the future. 

The theme “Unfiltered Perspectives: 2020 vision” challenges speakers to explore the power of thought in its most undefined form. From the process of gaining self-awareness to the analysis of hindrances of progress, the theme provides a platform for speakers to acknowledge the past, propose ideas for the future and recognize the significance of the in-between. Can we strengthen the pillars of our continent without destroying the foundation that unites us? Are we truthfully independent when our dependence on others continues to grow? Could we achieve the impossible if our minds weren’t confined by the limits of our imagination? Are we held back by the things we hold onto? Is there a need to fix what might not be broken?

The future of our nation lies in our vision for a better tomorrow, and we as individuals possess the power to strengthen it. But moving forward heavily relies on the goals we set for ourselves, so what steps must we take to attain them? What new perspectives must we adopt to see the world through a new lens? And ultimately, how do we translate our borderless thoughts into tangible and defined designs?