One in a Billion: A Piece of the Puzzle

As a world, we exist as a complicated web of interdependent and interconnected individuals, cognizant, but simultaneously ignorant of our reliance on the self and the group. The current aim of human life is to find purpose, but where is purpose given and found? As a web of many independents searching a meaning, can we truly believe that the pieces define the puzzle? Or does the puzzle define its pieces? If we take a step back, it becomes evident that every piece is effortlessly, carefully crafted. There is a purpose to every piece, connecting the corners, edges and sides to create what we desire to achieve, not just to fill an empty space. 

The theme “One in a Billion: A Piece of the Puzzle” invites speakers to step into a space of vulnerability and explore the evolution of our existence in the African context. With a population of over 1 billion people, Africa remains at the mercy of its inhabitants, and in their actions independently and as a group. This theme encourages the individual to question the state of our being, to promote visionary campaigns, to analyse the ideals and the reality and thus, seek our individual truth.

But there exists a thin line between what is carefully crafted and what can be considered beautifully chaotic. And if our pieces can be reduced to mere disorganization, then when and where do we step in before the puzzle collapses? If every piece completes the puzzle, then what is our piece, and where does it fit? And ultimately, what does the complete puzzle look like?