Organizing team

Come and take a look at who is bringing this event together


Ryan and Kainat are Academy Fellows at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa and co-organizers for this year’s TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa event. Ryan is serving for his second year as the licensee of this event, whereas Kainat will be taking on the leadership of the organizing committee in it’s fourth rendition.

Ryan and Kainat, although both originally from the United States, have come to love Mombasa through the unique perspective of their library office at the Academy. Inspired by their wonderfully creative, caring, and thoughtful students, Ryan and Kainat wish to provide a platform for their school and members of the Mombasa community to discuss and analyze issues important to them. Mombasa currently does not hold a reputation of intellect or creation, but these two young professionals seek to help their new home find a more true identity.

Ryan and Kainat are eager to host the third TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa event and showcase the hard work of the organizing committee and involved members of the speaking, performing, and volunteer teams. Please join us on March 16th!…


The Lead Executives, Devesh and Meer are two passionate and visionary individuals with a whole-hearted commitment to create an enriching and dynamic TEDx event. Devesh is an inquisitive, charismatic member of the committee, with a love for cricket and the social sciences, and a strong sense of forward thinking that propels the team ahead. Meer is an energetic, resourceful member of the team with a knack for the visual arts and the natural sciences, and an appetite for new and innovative ideas.

They are both extremely excited for this year’s TEDx event and are determined to lead the organizing committee to produce a quality TEDx event that allows the speakers and the audience members to connect and share ideas in an evolutionary manner.


The curation team, is comprised of 4 of the most passionate and driven individuals. The team consists of Delilah Tende, Tamara Werle, Anoush Alibhai and Alqaim Lalani. As a team we strive to select and nurture a diverse group of individuals who each have their own unique and personal ideas and we aim to provide a platform for them to share these ideas.

 Delilah Tende, a DP1 student, is interactive by nature and is propelled by her tendency to explore new perspectives and her need to empower others through mediums such as theatre and music.

Anoush Alibhai is also a DP1 student who spends her free time being creative through dance and art. She strives to study international development in university and she works towards creating sustainable solutions to issues that affect her country through community empowerment.

 Tamara Werle, also a DP 1 student, is an aspiring spoken word artists and poet. She aims to use her voice and her rhymes to open minds and change perspectives.

Lastly, Alqaim Lalani is a DP2 student and an incoming freshman at Columbia University. He is passionate about economic development and was named one of the top 50 most influential young Tanzanians for his service initiatives.

Together they are all extremely excited for this year’s event!

IT Team

Two promising, young IT enthusiasts, Dhruv and Azaan, make up the IT team for TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa. They absolutely cannot wait for this year’s TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa event.

They are a ‘lit’ team, very excited and fascinated by IT products. Dhruv loves coding mobile applications and Azaan loves coding websites and web-based applications and are extremely eager to look for ways in which IT can solve possibly any problem in our society. Dhruv coded a mobile application, which could be used to organize requests made to the maintenance team to our school, and Azaan has coded a database, which could be used to help our school with its voting process for student leaders.

It overwhelms them with joy to be a part of preparation of this event. They really enjoy the creativity and ingenuity of TED Talks and they can binge watch them easily. Thus, they put their heart and soul into this TED Event.

They cannot wait to see you at TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa 2019!


The media and communications team, comprised of Anita and Kirunda, keeps the public in the know about the event as the date arrives. Sharing videos, photos and messages to our fans and followers on social media, they work hard to make sure everyone knows about the event. Anita is also a passionate singer while Kirunda loves photography and videography. They are both 18 with 25 years of experience in their fields.

Stage Design

The design lead Zohra along with her shadow Alisha, have been working tirelessly to build the TEDx stage and assemble a venue that creates the best TEDx atmosphere for you (the audience)! The photo booth, lights, sound, dinner setting, stage, coffee area, art gallery, interactive activities; They’ve got it all! Zohra is a committed and determined athlete, while Alisha is an ambitious upcoming entrepreneur. These traits are evident in their work. The stage is one of the first impressions you have of our event, and this spirited team of individuals will not disappoint you.


Need some cash, don’t worry they have the stash. Stephanie Chege and Amaal Dawood constitute the Tedxyouth AKAMombasa finance and budgeting team. Their responsibilities include: creating the event budget, creating sponsorship packages and agreements, engaging with sponsors, tracking sponsor benefits and financing the various aspects of this event. From the large things like the camera and lighting, to the small things like speaker gifts, they got it covered! Through the prestigious event that they aim to build, they seek to ensure that their vision is fulfilled.

Without them, TEDx would be DEADx.