Organizing team

Meet our wonderful organizing team who are putting together a wonderful show for you all!


Our licensees for this year are a mettlesome team of three, comprising of Kainat Mitha, Vidushi Mehrotra, and Sara Lalani. Together they are conceptualizing, launching, and leading this year’s TEDxYouth event to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Kainat is whip-smart with an eye for new ideas and trends. Few come close when it comes to her unquenching zealousness to lead student support activities across the Academy. Vidushi is the percipient backbone and advocator of trailblazing ideas that challenge conventional notions. She is currently chartering her way as an international development practitioner. Sara, with her extensive background in event planning and adolescent education, is lending her experiences to take this year’s event to the next level. Sara has worked in several international capacities and is a fierce advocate of mental health, language learning, and equal educational opportunities.

This trio is proud to be part of a dynamic collaboration of high school students who are donating their time and talent to change the world, one voice at a time.


Tamara and Delilah are two enthusiastic and determined individuals with a compelling desire to produce a thought-provoking and transcendent TEDx event. Tamara is a proactive member of the team with interests that spread across from creative writing to neuroscience. Delilah is an excellent communicator who is intrigued by the embellishments of storytelling. She is driven and possesses an extraordinary vibrancy. 

The pair complement each other in more ways than one. They began their TEDx journey as a performance curator and an external speaker curator, using their skills to bring-forth polished and intricate performances and TED talks. This year they take on the role of lead executives, hoping to use their position to not only support the gifted performers and insightful speakers but to also lead the organizing committee in creating a remarkable experience for our audience.


The communications team handles the media aspect of the TEDx Youth AKAMombasa. They control the social media posts which include making speaker and performer trailers, posting important details and updates about the event as well as behind the scenes footage. On the day of the event, they organize and oversee the photography and videography. The team included Amilio Merali and Janice Njuguna who are passionate about TED and the spreading of new ideas and perspectives through this platform. 

Stage Design

The executive stage design team for this event constitutes of the lead, Alisha, and her shadow Shamma, who have zealously created the stage and venue designs that best engage you, our audience! The incorporation of different elements of time into their design of the event allows for the audience to appreciate the evolution of communication across several eras, expressing our interpretation of the theme “Unfiltered perspectives”. Alisha is a DP2 student who aspires to work with the United Nations, while Shamma is an up and coming architect who is passionate about various forms of design. Together, they have produced an incredible design, which they can not wait for you to experience!


The curation team selects and nurtures a group of diverse and inquisitive individuals in both their school and outside the community, to be speakers and performers at the event. They guide them in developing their ideas and transforming them into inspiring and engaging talks.

Their team is made up of four enthusiastic and creative individuals. Anoush Alibhai is the head of the curation team. She is a warm-hearted and optimistic individual, with a passion for community empowerment and finding sustainable solutions to some of the most crucial global issues. Salik Qureshi is the internal speaker curator. He is an open-minded and extremely boisterous soul. He is passionate about theatre arts and human rights, and always finds immense joy in making others smile! Tessa Tyaba is the external speaker curator. She is an extremely tenacious and social individual who is keen on environmental studies and climate change activism. She is also a strong believer in the power of using our voices for social change. Kandafula Sikana is the performer curator. She is energetic and unpredictable, and an admirer of literature, philosophy and musical theatre. 

Together they are all extremely excited about this year’s event!


The IT team, AKA the most modern component of the organization team, is very excited to bring the event to you. The two members, Hisham Ladha and Azaan Sayani, work behind the scenes to update this website to post exciting content for you and to make sure that all the systems are working at the event.

Hisham loves gaming and if given a controller and a monitor, he can spend endless amounts of time playing Call of Duty or FIFA. Azaan has a great passion for web development and is developing many IT solutions to benefit his school community. He also really likes his cup of tea, which he needs to have once a day. They both share the similarity of a great sense of humor, which brings a lot of motivation and many new perspectives to the team.

Their presence adds a missing piece to the puzzle and without it, the team would not be complete.


Need some cash, don’t worry they have the stash. Amaal Dawood and Jeremy Kiarie constitute the TedxYouthAKAMombasa finance and budgeting team. Their responsibilities include: creating the event budget, creating sponsorship packages and agreements, engaging with sponsors, tracking sponsor benefits and financing the various aspects of this event. From the large things like the camera and lighting to the small things like speaker gifts, they got it covered! Through the prestigious event that they aim to build, they seek to ensure that our vision is fulfilled. 

Amaal is enthusiastic, committed, has a never-dying work ethic and experience, and supports and advises Jeremy, who is easy-going, creative and has the ability to think outside the box. Together, they make an effective team that shows their shared desire and drive to do their best to bring it out the events’ true potential.

Their motto, Without us TEDx would be DEADx.