Our History

We have been here since 2017

Lets dive into 2019

TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa 2019 has become a tradition for the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa community. Started in 2017 by our Student Representative Council, we are proudly continuing the event today, enhancing and building upon our experience every year. We are proud to have this longstanding partnership with TEDx and work to distinguish ourselves as an intellectual and creative hub in Kenya. We are indebted to the various community partners that support our initiatives and has made these events possible.

TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa 2018

The unstoppable? Embracing uncertainty?

In 2018, TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa decided to apply for their second TEDxYouth license, and was proud to be take on the challenge of superseding their success from 2017. The team focused on the theme, “​The Unstoppable, Embracing Uncertainty”, highlighting how we have come to recognize the limits of the human experience and how that impacts us as a society today. Find an excerpt from our theme description below:

 “Perhaps one of the greatest weapons we, as humans, have evolved is the ability to be uncertain. It is only after we recognize how little we know, when we are forced to rethink what we’ve always accepted. As the world trudges forward, through the heaps of failed governance, technology and conscience, we must praise uncertainty, for it sparks creativity.”

Out of 25 speakers, we had topics ranging from Sharon Muchina’s discovery of therapeutic art forms to Aly Jassani’s unearthing of the world of eCommerce to Chris Muthoka’s life-changing experience with music. Find these talks and more below:

Sharon Muchina’s “Find Your Pallet Knife”

Aly Jassani’s “You can earn millions without a high school degree”

TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa 2017

Decrypting Fantasy: Tales of the Unseen

In 2017, TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa was in its infancy. The team focused on the theme, “​Decrypting Fantasy: Tales of the Unseen​“, originating from the thought that although numerous notions seem intangible or unrealistic, they are in fact, ​viable or better still, ​palpable. Find an excerpt from our theme description below: 

“Tales of the unseen encompasses grand areas of discussion, ranging from: the ‘big questions,’ abstract ideas, feelings, the future of Africa and the rest of the world, visionary projects, the feasibility of an ideal, analysis of historical events, to even seemingly mythological symbology. The unseen has a lot of potential; perhaps, the only way to unravel it is speak of them.This theme encourages speakers to delve into topics which question what we already know of, demonstrate original thought, but most importantly, give the audience tons to think and converse about.”

Out of 23 speakers, we had topics ranging from Simran Khataw’s promotion of urban farming to Bijou Mwaura’s embracing of natural African hair to Shehzana Anwar’s journey to the the Olympics. Find these talks and more below:

Simran Khataw’s “Why we should all be urban farmers”

Bijou Mwaura’s “Embracing Hairitage”

Shehzana Anwar’s “My journey to the Olympics”