TEDxYouthAKAMombasa features performances from talented internal and external performances.

Sarah Mutegi

Sarah Mutegi is an extraordinarily lively individual who utilizes her talent and passion for the performing arts to break down barriers and share her experience with her community, particularly where she attends school at the Aga Khan Academy. As an actress, she understands the subject of fear and is unafraid to share her vulnerability in the field. Sarah aspires to explore the importance of addressing one’s weaknesses by facing her own fears and believes that in doing so, we cand liberate ourselves and truly begin our journeys to self-realization and inevitable success.

Sonakshi Roy

Being a young and blossoming student of music, Sonakshi Roy understands the obstacles that stand in the way of an individual’s success, the most prominent one being fear. Her laid-back and fun-loving persona generally allows her to make easy and long-lasting connections with people that she meets. Through her music, she aims to motivate others to break down the boundaries fear creates and express themselves to their heart’s content, changing their lives for the better.

Wanjiru Kihanya

 As an advocate for victims who have endured emotional trauma, mental health issues, and domestic violence, Wanjiru Kihanya uses her voice and exceptional songwriting skills to tell stories and ultimately spread awareness about the issues she is most passionate about. Whilst studying at the aga khan academy, she has performed and professionally recorded countless original compositions, created her own music based short film, and is on the road to becoming an independent solo artist in the music industry here in Kenya, all while still being the fun and friendly individual her friends know her to be.