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Internal Performers

Meet the wonderful artists from our community.

Gabriella Mukisa

Gabriella Mukisa, a vibrant figure whose personality radiates through the things she is passionate about. Her positivity is infectious but has stemmed from the realization that joy can only be found within oneself. She is a firm believer that if one takes the time to truly notice, accept and love all that makes them quirky or a queen (their strengths and weaknesses), they can learn to appreciate the life around them. Through her spoken word, she explores individuality, noticing the pieces of herself that make her who she is while expressing the beauty of being alone.

Ayaan Allarakhia

Ayaan is an exceptionally talented young man, one that truly emphasizes that immense bravery and great skill comes in even the smallest of packages. His original piece is a pledge that he is making to his community, a promise to both himself and society. Ayaan aims to use his piece of the puzzle to sing for the voiceless and to speak for those who can’t, while simultaneously staying true to himself and to his own voice.

Martha Malambugi and Neema Gatumbu (dual performance)

Martha Malambugi (right) is a Diploma Programme 2 student at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa who plans to pursue psychology at university in the coming months. An effervescent and compassionate individual, she is on a continual search for that which sets her heart on fire. Her past experiences, and current challenges drive her down the path of self growth, as she aims to not only improve herself, but augment the lives and experiences of others.

Neema Gatumbu (left) is a Diploma Programme 2 student at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa. A passionate and charismatic individual, she bears witness to the journeys of the people around her and uses them to inspire her creative pursuits. A lover of the arts, literature and psychology, she uses her talents to enhance the lives of others in any way she can.

Anais Shalita

Anais Shalita is an alluring individual who utilizes her captivating voice to open minds and change perspectives. She finds herself entranced by the natural process of self-discovery and remains in continuous search for the turning points, the distortions to this absolute state of “knowing” and “self-awareness”. Through her song, she explores the implications of feeling just a part, and a minor part, in the grand scheme of things. Her performance is a daunting call for the regaining of consciousness in the confusion of the world, to allow oneself to revert to the unending process of self-discovery.

External Performers

We are proud to host these performers for this year’s TEDx Event!


Ken ‘Mufasa’ Kibet is a spoken word artist, actor and singer from Kenya. Having won a spoken word competition, he popped into the spoken word scene and performed all across the country thereafter. He has been named as Kenya’s best spoken word artist for his passionate performances that cover contentious issues. Through poetry, Mufasa is a relentless advocate who is unafraid to discuss any subject, and does so with utmost conviction.