TEDxYouthAKAMombasa features internal and external speakers who come to deliver talks related to the theme of our event.

Internal Speakers

Aileen Waitaga

Aileen is a warm, kind and funny Academy Fellow with the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. 

In an act of self-reflection, and growth, both literally and figuratively, she will talk about her hair journey and how, through this journey, she attained greater self-awareness. Firmly believing that the best lessons come from the most unorthodox sources, Aileen’s talk will centre on her hair journey and the lessons she learned therefrom. The talk is rooted in sociological and ontological perspectives to explore the significance of hair, especially in black communities, and how to extract the necessary lessons from everyone’s hair journies; no matter your texture. At the end, she will have explored how you can treat your life the way women of colour treat their hair; with understanding, patience, prayer and coconut oil.

Adnan Bhanji

An inquisitive and motivated student, Adnan Bhanji sees technology as a powerful tool to connect people across the world. Entrepreneurs have hopped onto the wave of technology to make their businesses more successful through using artificial intelligence in online marketing to gain more customers. He believes that technology would help unleash the ideas possessed by thousands of cultures in the African continent but the continent lacks facilities to make these ideas a reality.

Keiran Viehweber

Having survived his academic life while juggling his novel writing, parkour and love for animals, Kieran quickly learnt of his insignificance in the grand scheme of the cosmos, but rather than delve into nihilism as most do, he took a different path. After months of under the covers research, Kieran is now a firm believer in the importance of learning about philosophy in his daily life, finding it to be the easiest way to cope with problems from the constant existential horror of being alive, to having girl anxiety, something all teenagers should be able to push through on the daily. He understands the role of a school, which is designed to prepare students for the future and has learned that the future students want isn’t what they’re being prepared for. Philosophy is the key to understanding why we do what we do if we should even do it in the first place, and how to go about doing them, and Kieran is eager to share this with the world.

Khusbu Kotak

Khushbu is a bold, ambitious, and self-motivated student and the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. She is a very curious individual who enjoys exploring new perspectives. In her talk, she would like to change the common perception of how people view Africa from newspaper headlines as a place with hunger, poverty, and corruption. She explores the idea of implementing a universal East African currency as a way to bring out a sense of freedom, unity, and hope in East Africa.

Saifan Ashvani

Saifan is an amicable, sincere, and exuberant, student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. He intends to utilize the negative energy surrounding the aura generated from heartbreak to benefit oneself. Surrounded by the notion that heartbreaks destroy rather than transform, he aims to shed light on the darkness of the heartbreak, through shifting the focus by using this negative energy to change the individual both physically and mentally.

Nicole Lutalo

Nicole is a loud, confident, and boundless student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. She intends to create a space for self reflection through looking past the physical features, and paying more emphasis to the personality, drive and talent of an individual. She brings forth a new lens that implies that self love and affirmation should be centripetal, from the inside to the center, rather than centrifugal, from the center inwards.

Caelan Mwiti

Caelan is an outspoken, passionate, and social student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. After having noticed the wonderful works of art on the streets in Nairobi at a very young age, he has been very passionate about his culture. He disagrees with the notion that Westernization and the abandoning of cultural values is key to the development of society. Caelan has embraced his culture, creating the Cheza dance group with 24 other students at his school. He believes that just like him, Africans should embrace their identity by being carriers of culture to make sure that their cultures do not die.

External Speakers

Kamran Sheikh

Kamran Sheikh is an A-Levels student at the Oshwal Academy, Mombasa.

He has an intense passion for the theatrical arts and believes that film is a story of a thousand generations through a thousand eyes. He believes the world should open their eyes to film in a new way to see the time capsules capturing the magic of the decade and the prowess of actors and that film is a collection of everything humans have ever strived for.

Prince Muraguri

A digital economist, Prince Muraguri has been doing economics videos on social media for the past year in an effort to bridge the financial literacy gap in Africa. In his talk, he will shed light on the power of self-actualization through personal initiative made possible through The Internet and what it means to the African continent, considering that we are in a new decade where almost anyone can own a smartphone and access Internet from any part of the continent.

Omar Abdulwadood

Omar, the Student Council chairman of United States International University, Africa, is an entrepreneur in the process of developing a business venture in real estate. He is very invested in consumer and behavior psychology and the concept of hyper-reality. His talk is about the rapid change in technology and how it has changed what we truly value.