Meet our speakers for TEDxYouth@AKAMOMBASA!

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Internal Speakers

Meet the speakers who play an integral role in our AKA Mombasa Community!

Jai Morjaria

Jai is a passionate and enthusiastic student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. He believes that apathy is an enemy of progress as it hinders the showcasing of people’s creativity and passion. Two years ago, Jai saw a meme which dealt with the difficulty of personal finance and he wondered why he never learnt about it. Jai wishes to change the students’ perspectives on the “foreign” concept of personal finance by expressing his concern about the danger of a lack of knowledge concerning personal finance.`

Malaika Kironde

Belonging to a culture that upholds the values of community and togetherness, Malaika is an inquisitive and dedicated student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa with a strong passion for sports and understanding the mechanisms of the world through a scientific lens. However, she believes that identity is not as simple as it seems and that creating a seamless concept of the individual draws upon several tenets of individuality. She attempts to break down the walls that restrict her from embracing her ultimate sense of self by defining her own values as she journeys through life.

Cinzia Toriani

Cinzia is a caring, thoughtful and animated student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. She strongly believes that everyone has a role to fulfil and that it is vital to find purpose in meaningful ways. She considers one of her goals to be able to empower people to be able to right a wrong should it ever arise. Growing up in a rural area of coastal Kenya where sustenance farming is commonplace, Cinzia has grown to love interacting with her fellow community members on issues of agriculture and sustainable farming practices She is fully observant of the various struggles faced by her community and is determined to find innovative solutions to enrich the quality of life of all those that surround her.

Wahaab Ali

Committed to a lifestyle that combines his passion for sports and his desire to push his limits both academically and otherwise, Wahaab strives to achieve balance in all that he does. He is an animated and determined student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa who wishes to voice out his concern over the rigid educational framework that only considers academic results, as opposed to a more holistic evaluation of the individual. He hopes to engage the students in a discussion about creating their own custom definitions of success through unorthodox methods.

Laiqa Walli

Laiqa is an ambitious, vocal and focused student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. She has a passion for the Visual Arts and strongly believes in valuing one’s culture. She thrives in an environment that stimulates her intellectually and thus enjoys discussing real world problems and their solutions. Having grown up in Tanzania, she considers the African influence to be an essential aspect of who she is. But she is concerned about the western takeover that she sees happening all around her under the name of ‘development’. She is concerned for the loss of a culture that is so inherent to who she is and wishes to challenge the concept of development.

Louis Muia

Louis is a funny, zealous and focused student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. While crafting, Louis found a correlation between the malleability of clay and the minds of young children he has interacted with. He recalls a time in his life when his role models preached bias as fact, and now he is using his newfound voice to challenge “talk before thought” and urge older minds to consider that the future is very much in their hands and thus what they ingrain in young minds, matters.

Marco Adriko

Marco is a confident, open-minded, forthright student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa who passionately contributes to the all that he commits to. He considers himself to be both charismatic and driven, feeling empowered to voice his concerns about issues that are important to him. Being surrounded by stereotypes that inhibit the ability to empathize and connect with different individuals, he aims to challenge these social stigmas and revise the ideologies so prevalent in a community setting.

Evelyn Awino

Evelyn believes in the power of conversations and views regular conversations are great contributors to mental wellness and personal development. Having someone dear with whom these conversations can happen as they occur, is an added bonus. As a mother of two teenagers, she values the role that conversations play in parenting teenagers. It is through conversations that Evelyn got to learn a lot about herself and uses them to sail through life’s experiences, day by day.

Shouquot Hussain

Shouquot Hussain. A teacher, a poet, an agnostic, a liberal, and a lifelong student of English literature. Sees himself as a wanderer who travels light, and does not care to take himself seriously at all – because that would be baggage. Loves the arts, because they tell stories – be it a book, a movie, a song, a play, or  a painting. Hates the othering and bracketing of people, because that poisons even the best of stories. A staunch advocate of personal freedom and the freedom of choice, Shouquot is an incorrigible romantic who believes that building relationships is the key to building everything else.

External Speakers

Meet our guest speakers who we are proud to host for this year’s TEDx Event!

Muhaimina Janmohamed

Muhaimina is currently an A Level student at Jaffery Academy in Mombasa, Kenya. Muhaimina emphasizes her studies in Maths, Business, and History. Muhaimina is passionate about her debating experience and has enjoyed the challenge this co-curricular has offered her as a growing student, She wishes to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics after her A Level graduation.

Catherine Delight

Catherine Delight is a recent graduate of the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, having been a part of the Class of 2018. At the Academy, she was very involved with the arts initiatives and school choir. A previous performer at our first TEDx event in 2017, Catherine has returned as an alumnus to discuss the perceptions of those who decide to leave Africa. She remains engaged in her community and wishes to always call Kenya her home.

Kevin Mwachiro

Kevin Mwachiro has over 18 years of broadcasting experience under his belt. He has worked as a radio journalist and producer in Kenya, Uganda and the United Kingdom. Kevin is now building a career for himself as a writer, poet and podcaster. In 2017 he launched a story-telling podcast, called Nipe Story, that addresses and shares compelling stories from around Kenya. He describes himself as a storyteller, a lover of written and spoken word and an activist.

Osman Varwani

Founder & Managing Director of the Innovus Group, Osman Varwani is a proven business and technology leader with over twenty years of industry-gained experience. He is a networked tech expert with strategic insight, a mentor, an influencer and a thought leader. The Innovus Group helps local businesses rise to the challenge of disruptive change through provision of business and technology advisory services and solutions tailored to specific business and digital transformation needs. Osman also serves the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology under TVET as the Council Chairman of the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic and continues to serve on various other local, regional and international boards and committees serving various causes.

Tendai Lewa Mtana

Tendai Lewa is a social justice advocate who seeks to improve the educational experience for young African children. He has an enduring commitment to safeguarding the rights of children which he exemplifies in his role as the Executive Secretary, Education & Children at The County Government of Mombasa. He has instituted the two policy frameworks –Teaching, Learning and Care (TLC) and Talent, Knowledge and Workforce Development (TKW) which have been highly efficacious towards community development. In particular, the purpose of Teaching, Learning and Care – TLC is to support families and communities to raise healthy children who are ready to enter school with a strong foundation and optimal development.

Michael Wamaya

Michael Wamaya teaches ballet in Kenya’s Kibera and Mathare slums for One Fine Day, a programme that attempts to encourage students to reach their full potential. As an instructor and talented ballet dancer, he combines the teaching of dance skills with social skills. In this programme, he explores the individual human potential and creativity and incorporates these concepts into conversations on identity, knowledge, culture, and self-confidence. Michael is proud to be bringing brighter futures into these areas of Nairobi and promoting arts and arts education as valuable and viable experiences for Kenya. Michael was recently awarded as a Top 10 Finalist for the Global Teacher Prize in 2017.